Bonjour! Hello!

Art allows one soul to communicate with another, without words. My name is Jenna Bailey and I am a passionate artist that loves to unleash creativity in others. My dream of becoming a professional artist and art educator full-time was fueled after becoming a mother of two beautiful children. My husband and I tell our children that they can be anything they strive to be… so I followed my own advice and established The Burlap Bee Design Studio. I was able to be an artist, educate others, and be home with our young children at the same time. 

Art is ingrained in my being, through and through my soul. It could not be contained so much so that my mother had to line our hallways with long sheets of paper. I started by drawing on walls at the age of two and have advanced to leaving my mark at places all over the world. As a child, I was fortunate to have Haru Shiga, a local Japanese artist, and educator, open his art studio to me, touching my life so deeply. He was my catalyst and I’m not sure he even knew it. He was just a passionate artist, like myself who wanted to fuel that fire within. Haru opened my eyes to all that art could be, brought me to the Worcester Art Museum to expose me to all mediums, and allowed me to explore my potential. He let me get messy and taught me to view ordinary items and materials as treasures. Art brought me joy, but also much-needed peace. I went on to fine arts at Saint Anselm College and expanded my training to Paris, where I learned from local Parisian artists in their ateliers and studied under masters at the Louvre. I grew up speaking French, so I was able to absorb the culture to its fullest. I learned techniques and trades abroad that now resonate here at the local level.

At The Burlap Bee Design Studio, I have been teaching part-time since 2013, while working in creative roles for other companies, but in 2018 I knew it was time to follow my heart and see my vision to its fullest potential.  I had 35-40 students per week and 75 or more during the summer months. When I had to switch my studio to a digital model in 2020, I saw it as a platform to inspire more minds of all ages and abilities. During the pandemic, my studio had over 1200 families nationwide! I strive to establish an uplifting environment that sparks creativity and positivity. Students are taught lessons that are based on art history, artists, foundations, techniques, books, and the world around them. My studio and art curriculums have been spotlighted on parenting websites, education forums, The Landmark, and the front cover of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

I tell my students at the end of each class to spread joy with the art that they have created. Whether they take a picture of it and share it with someone or send it in the mail. That composition did not only bring them joy in the process, but it has the ability to touch another life as well. I am so very excited to have the studio open to students of all ages, from 2 to 92! I am still accepting requests for commissioned art. ​Feel free to contact me anytime. Be well!